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Our Culture

To meet our mission of helping patients to prevail over serious diseases, Bristol-Myers Squibb Ireland are committed to a workplace culture that empowers, engages and enriches employees to discover and develop important new medicines for patients around the world.


Diversity & Inclusion

You can be a part of a powerfully diverse and globally inclusive workforce with a high-performance culture that is inclusive, agile, entrepreneurial and accountable.



Corporate Social Responsibility

We care deeply about the communities where we live and work.



Developing our People?

Developing our people to perform at their best is critical to our own growth and our biopharma leadership


Health & Wellbeing

The mission of our Health & Wellbeing Team is to promote and support programs which encourage the wellness of each and every one at Bristol-Myers Squibb Ireland. We will aim to inspire and empower individuals to take responsibility for their own Health & Wellbeing by providing information, activities and services designed to support healthy lifestyle choices.

Our goal is to assist colleagues to find a state of balance between all dimensions of wellbeing:

? ? ?? Exercise and fitness

? ? ???Healthy eating

? ? ???Mental and emotional wellbeing

? ? ???Rest and Recovery

? ? ?? Healthy environment (Tobacco Free Workplace)



Sports & Social

Bristol-Myers Squibb Ireland have Sports & Social Teams which are run by a group of cross-functional employees, who are dedicated in creating a lively workplace by providing social events and supporting sport activities within the company. With various events & activities throughout the year, there is something for everyone!

Our Sports & Social events give employees lots of opportunities to meet their team, and other department team members, outside?of work through organized events, where employees can actively recharge their batteries while having fun and a great time together!

Operational Excellence

At Bristol-Myers Squibb Ireland, we are building a culture of Operational Excellence. The Operational Excellence culture that we, as a team, are building is a result of the processes we are implementing which ensure the whole Ireland team is empowered, engaged and continually developing and improving their skills and capabilities.

At each of our Ireland sites, we function as one integrated team, with a strong sense of ownership, focussed on improving how we work every day. We have a clear Patient focus and consistently deliver excellent business results through the embodiment of our behaviours.

We support each other, listen and communicate openly and honestly which gives us a strong competitive advantage.

Approval number: NOIE2003264
Date: May 2020